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Does Nicotine Put Carp Off?
Finally: is there proof as to whether smoking is not only bad for you, but your angling too?
Light years ahead
The LED-Lenser H14: so powerful it'll light up the far margin at 200yds...
PVA bags of pop-ups
Want to stop your rig tangling and have a marker to bait to? Read on...
Casters in action!
Kev Hewitt constantly attains unbelievable results of big fish on short overnighters and he finally reveals how. His secret: caster bags!
How to avoid the birdlife
Make the swimming and flying pests easier to deal with...
The Day It All Came Right
Experienced carp angler, Shaun Harrison retells the story of when everything came together to create one serious dream session...
Casting Tricks
As part of our never-ending quest to make you better casters, Carp-School tutor Myles Gascoyne is here to help
Head of the Class
In Head of the Class, we take a closer look at why the big names you regularly see in the press are so successful. We kick off with ex British champ, Ian Poole
Fix up, look sharp
The humble snowman rig is a proven big fish boilie rig, but what if we told you yours was looking a bit untidy? Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones shares his small tips to get them looking really, really sharp
Scaling down
Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones reveals how scaling your gear down could allow you to catch more carp this winter
The Forgotten Bait: The Golden Grain
We can’t say it’s revolutionary, but it’s one of the greatest winter baits of all time and our guess is you’ve forgotten about it. What are we talking about? The humble grain of sweetcorn!
The Two-Rod Trick
A trick which ensures you get your hookbait exactly where you want it to be...
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Claimed to be one of the most sensitive indicators on the market, here's what we made of them: http://t.co/5fSHSpAv4O http://t.co/qjvjAdoSE8
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