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Homemade Perfection
If looks could kill, NBrice would be a serial killer…
Lighten up and look sharp!
Want a culty look? Want lightweight sticks and bars? And like saving money? Then you’re in luck…
Hookbait Attachment
Do you use a standard Knotless Knot for all your rigs? If that’s the case, you could be missing out, as Gardner Tackle’s Nick Burrage will now explain…
Lead material debate
This time on, our panel of seasoned carp anglers are debating over which is the best leader material…
Feeding times: what's the thinking behind them?
Five of CARPology's favourites give their thoughts when it comes feeding times
Salty Carp Magnets!
How to make your baits even better
10 Excuses To Go Angling…
According to John Hannent, because sometimes you've just got to be next to the lake
Softly Spoken
When every man and his dog is using a stiff or semi-stiff hooklink, isn’t it time to reconsider supple materials? Avid Carper Mat Woods begs a worthwhile question…
How to make Darrell Peck's hookbaits
Here's your 12-step guide to making exactly the same hookbaits as The Peckanator...
Meet 'The Key': currently the world's most expensive bait
It's been a while since the Nashbait stable launched a new bait, but according to Keith Sykes, The Key's creator, it will have been worth the wait...
Load-Up! Bag-Up!
We take a look at the Taska Breakdown range of PVA bags and accessories, all designed to help your catch-rate go into meltdown!
How to spool up correctly
Spring means two things. 1: Duffer’s Month and 2: spring-cleaning – and that includes spooling up with some new mono. Here’s ESP’s Dave Ellyatt with the ultimate guide to doing it perfectly
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Sorting out the pictures for my @carpology diary today. Definitely the best looker I've had this month!
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Top read Is this @carpology keep on pulling top articles out of the bag! #InsideACarp #Taste
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Doris showing me how it's done this afternoon whilst repping a burgundy @carpology hat #farlows #bigcarp
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