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Why PVA mesh bags are awesome for winter
Forget the guesswork, ignore the bankside theories, as Rob Hughes is here to prove what really happens when you bait up...
6 micro improvements to make your December one to remember
Try these simple tricks to increase your catch-rate this month
The 10 biggest rig myths
We’ve all heard the rumours but what’s truth and what’s just hearsay? Let CARPology’s panel of experts reveal the real facts behind carp rigs…
How to boost your bags!
Big-carp expert, Chris Lowe reveals everything you need to know about injecting solid PVA bags; a tactic that has allowed him to plunder some of the UK’s most pressured waters
Can a carp see me on the bank?
CARPology's resident diver, Rob Hughes discusses a carp's field of vision. This, excuse the pun, will open your eyes...
Get the most out of a day ticket water
Clearly, there’s no one better to ask on how to crack a pressure day ticket venue than the chaps who live and breathe them, so here’s your guide to unlocking the UK’s most popular type of venue…
Single sticks vs. buzzer bars vs. rod pod
We ask three experts which set-up is best - single sticks, buzzer bars or a rod pod
How to tie a simple pop-up rig
Follow these easy steps to tie a simple pop-up rig
What type of weedbed should you fish over?
We ask the experts whether they prefer to fish over weed, sand, gravel, clay or silt and why.
Nigel Sharp on the Chod Rig
There have been many methods and tactics used over the decades, but here’s Nigel Sharp’s top ten which have seemingly dominated the big carp scene for the past 20 years - next up, the Chod Rig.
Hitting your spot with no marking aids
Not interested in using marker sticks or walking out your rods? Here's Ed Betteridge with a breakdown of how to do it the old fashioned way but still ensure your hookbait is landing right on the money
20 of the best pieces of end tackle advice ever
If you only do one thing, make sure it's one of these - 20 experts give their best piece of advice on end tackle
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Can a carp see me on the bank? #CARPology
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