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The big question: Hair length
What's the best length? Should we use super long, super supple Hairs like it was originally created?
Do certain fish prefer certain baits?
Nigel Sharp debunks some big fish theories. Can bait be selective?
Adam Penning joins Prologic
Adam Penning joins the consultancy team at Prologic
How clever are carp?
Do we credit carp with too much intelligence, and why do you believe some carp are seemingly better at avoiding capture than others?
10 items of tackle to buy this February
1: Because saving sucks. 2: And these items are the very reason why MasterCard was created…
Elliott Gray on the Tall Chod Rig
Elliott Gray explains how the right hookbait can turn a ‘good rig’ into an ‘exceptional one’
Do you need to scale down for winter?
It's a well-rehearsed saying, but is this (a): something you do and if so, how light/small do you go and how much effect has it had on your angling or (b): is it a load of rubbish?
How to tie a really simple Pop-Up Rig
Follow these 9 steps to tie the perfect Pop-Up Rig...
10 pieces of carp fishing rubbish
Think everything you hear is correct? Think again. We spoke to some people who know a thing or two about carp to see where we’re going wrong
Everything you need to know about Belachan
CARPology’s bait connoisseurs looks at belacan or as it’s more commonly known: belachan
The life of the man behind Gardner Tackle
Now approaching 35 years in business, how did Rick Gardner originally from Brighton go on to create some of the most used items of tackle today?
Solid bag injection
A solid PVA bag is just a solid PVA bag, right? Not so when it’s tied as small, tight and packed with attraction like those by Karl Pitcher
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