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What colour hookbait is best?
Is yellow really the best hookbait colour? Our subsurface angling specialist Rob Hughes investigates...
Thinking anglers: Long or short Hair?
Our experts debate the hot topics to help you catch more. What's better: a long or short Hair?
Patrol routes and baiting patterns
Oli Davies explains how to read and understand the carp’s underwater highways and then how to bait them correctly
The Multi Pod
Meet Cygnet’s newest rod system. It’s a rod pod alright, but not like any one you’ll have ever seen or used before...
First class spod mixes
We dish up some fancy new twists on standard run-of-the-mill hemp-based spod mixes. Here’s how to make your carp food more appealing than the guy next-door…
The Greedy Pig Rig
How, why and when to tie the Greedy Pig Rig by Elliott Gray
DNA's one stop Zig 'n' Bag shop
Ever wondered how to create the perfect mix for spodding over Zigs? Want to know how to turn a piece of foam into a carp catching piece of gold? Fear not, the solution is at hand thanks to DNA Baits
The ultimate guide to watercraft
Seasoned carper Dave Levy looks at one of the most important aspects to being a successful carp angler
The pro's secret bait edges
Ever wondered why the likes of Blair, Cundiff and Castle seem to always be so successful? Well, here’s one part of the answer: their own unique bait additives
10 images that make you go 'wow'
10 images from the latest issue of CARPology that make you go “wow”. Enjoy…
ESP luggage collection
Rods/nets/clothing/end tackle heavyweights, ESP, has another ‘drop’ of products, and this time it includes a Terry Hearn-inspired rucksack
Lemington Lakes
Trakker's Jerry Bridger gives his top open access recommendation for the Midlands
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